Why Innovista?

More Than a Clinic... A Community Hub

Many people still feel unseen, unheard, and unsupported when they see a health care provider.

We SEE you

All the factors that make you uniquely YOU—your history, culture, and community.

We HEAR you

We want to know what is on your mind and in your heart. Every tidbit helps us understand your story.


Think of us as the quarterback of your care–calling the plays that lead you toward health wins. Quarterbacks never leave the game. Neither do we.

Young female doctor showing senior male patient test results on tablet
An ethnically diverse trio of women sitting together, laughing

Honoring Your Health

By putting your needs first, we are transforming what it means to get exceptional care. We don’t just treat symptoms. We focus on whole-person health—physical and mental wellbeing, disease prevention, and thoughtful management of chronic conditions.

We also value the role that culture and community play in your health. These factors allow us to tailor a personalized care experience for you.

Through our patient-centered care model, we:

  • Strengthen the bond between patient and health care provider
  • Recognize the diverse backgrounds and beliefs that make each patient unique  
  • Improve access to care  
  • Coordinate care across specialties

You never slip through the cracks. We stay by your side every step of your health journey.


Vikram Bakhru, MD, MBA

President & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Vikram Bakhru is a practicing physician and President & CEO of Innovista Health, the parent company of Innovista Medical Center. Vik has worked on the front lines of health care transformation for more than two decades as a hospital and insurance executive, an independent physician, a global health leader, and in other roles. He is a champion of value-based care as an essential step on the journey toward health equity. He believes that every individual's health is a collaborative pursuit, and that we all share the collective responsibility to ensure everyone has the resources they need to achieve health. 

Afreen Pappa, MD

Market Medical Director

As Medical Director, Dr. Pappa brings more than 20 years of experience in patient care, academia, and administration to her leadership role at Innovista Medical Center. Committed to the principles of value-based care, Dr. Pappa is dedicated to enhancing the patient experience and optimizing outcomes. She works closely with the health care teams to ensure that each patient receives comprehensive, personalized, high-quality care that aligns with the objectives of Innovista Medical Center.

Mia T. Willhite, MBA, MHA, JM

Chief Operating Officer

Mia Willhite serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Innovista Medical Center and parent company Innovista Health. With more than 20 years of experience in health care leadership and business development, Mia works to continually advance the overall performance of the clinics and health care teams toward the ever-evolving goal of operational excellence. Using evidence-based practice to guide her decision-making, her inclusive, results-driven approach has yielded process improvements, greater efficiencies and workflows, enhanced patient experience, and higher patient satisfaction.